Pics: Swim Bait Fish

Luis Farris with a nice Oregon Small Mouth (big appetite) bass on a 9″ Osprey!

Colby Pearson with a Southern Oregon Slounch! 8lbs on a 6″ Osprey!

Colby above with a solid 5lb Osprey fish, Caught on a 6″ osprey in the Chub colorway.

Southern Oregon’s Steven Sand’s with a 7lb BBZ-1 Fast Sink bass!

Swim bait Fishing Washington Style! Daniel Rice of FHC Outdoors with a River2Sea Light Trout S-Waver bass.

Luis Farris Reppin’ Oregon style Swimbait’s- nuff said.

Colby with a pristine prespawn 5-15lbr another casualty of the 6″ chub colored Osprey!

Nor-Cal Muddy water Mission Fish bass! 5#

Down Town Choke Down- city pond style -rat- on the Trash Fish Early Spring 2011

Spinnerbaits & Swimbaits Spots and Largemouth nor-cal limit spring 2011

  1. Feel Free to contact me if you would like to add a photo to the Swim Bait gallery! please include the bait caught as well as the region. Contact information under the “Submit a Fishing Report” tab.

  2. Doug Warren says:

    Great Pictures keep em coming

  3. Luis Farris says:

    the whops!!! Love it….

  4. Daniel Rice says:

    Love the photos SBNW!

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